As you know we planned our annual client appreciation event, booked a venue, booked a speaker, bought an outfit and so on, but it is with considerable sadness that we have decided to cancel this year’s event.We were very hopeful of defiantly running the event but as developments and guidance have evolved we feel we have little choice but to cancel. I, all my colleagues and many clients look forward to this occasion so we are very unhappy to have reached this conclusion.

These are tough times and we have already heard of much tougher cancellations including weddings.When we properly reflected ( = when colleagues spoke to me frankly ) it is in fact obviously the right thing to do. If it is still within the law to run such an event at the end of April it would be irresponsible to do so.

As I hope you know, the London office is virtually shut and we are all working from our homes. Our firm intention is to continue to offer the same service to all clients that we did when we were all in one office. If you would like to meet us we can arrange audio conference calls but video conference calls are more fun. I have grumbled about and shied from these for years but I am now a convert. We have better gear than a couple of years ago.

We will miss seeing you at the event in April, if there is anything you would like to discuss at all, do not hesitate to arrange a video conference call or a conventional audio call. They are more personal than emails and we welcome them.I am sincerely sorry about the event. There are thousands of people with bigger worries right now. As well as the ill and their relatives spare a thought for anyone involved in the hospitality industry.

Our thoughts on investment portfolios are published elsewhere. I will not repeat them here.