• Adviser name: Satis Wealth Management
  • Client name: Janice
  • Client location: Manchester
  • Client since: 2016

Janice is 55 years old and lives in Manchester with her long-term partner of 40 years. She has enjoyed a successful career as a Commercial Director, predominantly in the private sector, but has recently moved into the public sector.


Why did Janice decide to take financial advice?

Upon taking up a new role for a public sector organisation, Janice was aware that she would have a number of options for her occupational pension scheme. Previously, she had managed her finances herself; having been a trustee of a pension scheme, she was very interested in this area of finance.

However, she realised that managing her finances were taking up a lot of her time. With the change of job, she wanted guidance on the right decision to make on her pension arrangements, and on her tax position.

Having asked her friends and colleagues, she was given a personal recommendation to contact us here at Satis Wealth Management.

How did we help?

During her first meeting with us, Janice had ‘the light bulb moment’ when she realised that she had more options available to her than she had realised.

She had always assumed that she would have to work until her mortgage was paid off when she was 62. But, after meeting us, she discovered that not only could she afford to retire earlier than 62, but she could even start reducing her working hours now.

In her words, it was a “liberating moment” when all of her preconceived ideas about how and when she could retire were replaced by a number of choices.

Once she realised that Satis Wealth Management provided a full range of financial planning services, Janice decided to move all of her pensions and investments across to them. She has since amalgamated all of her pensions under Satis Wealth Management, making it much easier to keep track of them.

She has the option to be involved in the choices that are made about her investments but now chooses to leave these decisions to the experts.

How have they benefitted from the advice?

The biggest benefit for Janice has been the ability to reduce her working hours to four days a week; something she had not even considered possible, and she now describes as one of the best things she has ever done!

Janice also benefits from more clarity and confidence in her options for retirement. She feels better able to plan for her retirement, which no longer feels like it will be a long, hard slog to get to. She may even decide to retire before she is 62.

Janice explains: “When choosing Satis Wealth Management, there was no hard sell; the opposite, in fact. I have complete trust in them because they explain everything very clearly and simply.

The holistic approach of Satis Wealth Management means that I have a better view of my whole financial picture. To be better informed about my whole financial situation, and all of the options available to me is absolutely brilliant!”