As you are most probably aware, the Government has now ordered everyone to stay at home where possible and therefore we will no longer have any staff working on a full time basis at our Pall Mall offices. Satis had already implemented a working remotely policy for most of our staff and this has now been extended to all staff.

Once again we would like to reiterate that we are confident in our ability to continue to provide you the service you expect from us. The video meetings we have conducted so far have been extremely successful and we would encourage you to embrace this form of communication with us.

As a result of the lockdown we are switching all written communication to email and ask that you do not send any further physical post to us without speaking to a member of the Satis team. Once all other options have been exhausted (and there are circumstances where this can happen) if you still need to send an item to us by post we will give you specific instructions at the time on where and how to send it. If you have recently posted something to our Pall Mall office please let a member of our team know and we will either be able to confirm receipt or look at an alternative way of receiving this information.

We are currently speaking with our service providers and reviewing the steps they have in place to accept documents in an alternative way. If a need for you to send in a document arises we will confirm the best way to do this on an individual basis as each provider’s requirements may differ.

I would also like to take this opportunity to confirm all quarterly valuations will now be sent out via email until further notice. If you have previously stated you do not wish to receive personal information this way we will be in contact with you to discuss this.