It is time for another update.

As confirmed by the prime minister, restrictions will continue for at least another four weeks until July 19th. This will have little effect on Satis. Had the current restrictions been lifted then we would not have rushed all staff back and booked in back-to-back client meetings. We are running the office on a socially distanced basis and will continue to do so for the foreseeable future.

We have, however, started on the journey back to a normal office life with some members of staff returning to the office for a day or two a week. We have even been able to attempt a few team days which have proved popular, allowing team members to catch up after a year away or meet each other for the first time.

The delay in lifting restrictions has confirmed we made the right decision in moving our client event online this year. We have not done this before but hope we will have a fun evening. This is set for the 14th September. Our guest speaker  is a mathematician, stand-up comedian and author of Humble Pi. Matt is passionate about mathematics, very funny and has been waiting eighteen months to speak to you. As always guests are more than welcome and we will be asking people to leave their cameras on so it will be an event to dress for even, if just from the waist up.

We have written quite a few of these articles since the start of the pandemic and it is hard not to repeat ourselves. However, we make no apology for repeating this message:

Financial crime has risen dramatically over the last year and criminals continue to find new ways to scam people out of money. They will use any means to contact you, email, text or phone and pretend to be someone you trust. They will encourage you to act quickly limiting your time to think. If you are contacted by someone in this way please take the time to check the request thoroughly. Satis will never pressure you to act immediately and most importantly we will never ask you to send us money directly. Even highly educated geniuses are vulnerable (= Ben had both his HSBC debits card and Amex card cloned last week)

Finally, Ben Sherwood was asked to give an interview on ESG investing by the fund managers of the GSI fund. Please click here and here to read what he had to say.

Please stay safe and speak soon.

Nick West