Placing you firmly in control of your financial future

A Chartered Financial Planning Firm based in London.

Chartered Financial Planner

More than just investing

Satis are one of a few firms certified for fiduciary excellence in the UK.

A team based approach to financial planning

Ensuring our service to our clients is always of the highest standard.

Chartered Financial Planner

Committed to the highest fiduciary standard

Our advice adheres to the Global Fiduciary Standard of Excellence, certified by CEFEX.

Values and goals lie at the very heart of what we do

Enabling Satis to provide advice precisely tailored to our client’s needs.

Chartered Financial Planner

Working for the benefit of our clients, staff and the community

Demonstrating our commitment to making a difference

About us

Satis Wealth Management is a Chartered financial planning firm based in Pall Mall London. We aim to provide our clients with a simple, enjoyable wealth management experience that provides them with long-lasting peace of mind and confidence in their financial position.

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What we do

Satis provide financial planning services to a wide range of clients. All of our clients have financial planning needs which are unique to them, however, we find many of our clients often have similar questions when they start their relationship with Satis. We will help you to find the answers.

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Who we work with

The Satis Wealth Management service is here to help you run your financial life, not just for the immediate future but for the long term. As such, the process is designed not just to address your current needs but to establish a long-term plan which will allow you to have full confidence in your financial future.

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The value of a financial planner

There are many studies which show that investors perform better when they partner with a financial planner.

The role of the planner is not just to help you make decisions on asset allocation, diversification and retirement vehicles; but also, to ensure that your investments are working in tandem with your financial plan. With their knowledge of you and your investments, discipline and dedication, good planners will prevent you from making ‘the big mistake’.

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