Satis Wealth Management is a Chartered financial planning firm based in Pall Mall London. We aim to provide our clients with a simple, enjoyable wealth management experience that provides them with long-lasting peace of mind and confidence in their financial position.

Our clients typically have complex and ongoing wealth planning needs so our services have been designed to reflect this. We specialise in retirement planning, investment structuring, income sequencing, charitable giving and estate planning*. Working with our sister firm, Satis Tax, we also enable clients to bring their wealth management in line with their tax planning, to optimise their financial wealth.

Ethical Culture

An ethical work culture is extremely important to Satis and due to this, the board of Satis have adopted a fiduciary standard to advising. This means Satis act in the best interest of our clients as opposed to a ‘suitability’ standard adopted by many wealth managers.

Fiduciary Standard: A fiduciary firm must put the client’s interest above its own and act in the clients best interest at all time


Suitability Standard: The firm must have a reasonable basis to believe that a recommended investment is suitable given the client’s objectives

Satis has made sure that the fiduciary culture is evident in all of our core philosophies:

The story behind the Satis name

‘Satis’ is a stem-word which means ‘plenty’, ‘fulfilled’ and ‘complete’.

The three ‘tears’ which feature in the emblem of the Satis logo comes from the tomoe, a weapon wielded by Daikoku, the Chinese God of Prosperity.