You have invested a lot of your time, money and energy into building up your business, but what happens when you are ready to move onto the next stage of your life?

Perhaps you are ready for the challenge of starting a new business? Perhaps you want to reduce the number of hours that you work? Or maybe you have a date in mind for retiring completely?

Either way, it makes sense for you to capitalise on what you have invested in your business, and use it to enjoy whatever you plan to do next.

We work with many UK-based business owners, who are ready to start planning a managed exit from their business.

For many of our clients, this will be one of the largest decisions of their lives; one that they have been working towards for a long time. We help them to tackle big questions such as:

  • Can I generate enough income from the business to see me through my retirement?
  • If I sell my business, how do I best utilise the money from the sale?
  • How can I best use the proceeds from a sale to start up a new business and continue to protect my wealth?
  • How can I preserve my assets to pass on to the next generation? How can my legacy ensure that future generations will enjoy the benefits of my success?
  • How can I utilise the tax allowances available, so that my wealth will last and grow?
  • Can I retire early? How do I bridge the gap between retiring and being able to access my pensions?

How do we help?

We combine financial planning with tax expertise to ensure that you have complete peace of mind. Our experts in estate planning will advise on the most appropriate trusts and structures to help you maximise the benefits of being a business owner. With effective Inheritance Tax planning, we can help to ensure that your loved ones will benefit as much as possible from your hard work.

Most importantly, we provide ongoing management beyond our initial advice to ensure that your financial plan continues to meet your goals.

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