We have particular expertise in helping clients who are US nationals based in the UK. They are senior professionals, often seconded to the UK for the long term.

They plan to return to the US at some stage in the future, and therefore have to provide their tax returns/reports in both the US and the UK. The US has very strict financial reporting regulations and it is important they work with a planner who has this knowledge.

Because they are planning to return to the US, our clients do not want to put their personal financial planning on hold. They could be in the UK for an extended period of time, so they need to use this time to plan for the future/retirement, as well as accumulate as much wealth as possible.

For many, the biggest concern is finding a financial planner with the right knowledge. However, the reality is that most financial planners in the UK will not take on US clients because they do not have the expertise.

This is where we can help you to address the key questions:

  • How do I link up my financial planning with my tax planning and make sure these are looked after by professionals who work together?
  • Which investments will satisfy both UK and US reporting?
  • Will my time working abroad affect when I can retire?

How do we help?

With expertise in advising US clients in the UK, we work with our sister company, Satis Tax who are experts in US and UK tax returns and tax issues.

We utilise our contacts with providers who are able to work with US clients and know the most appropriate US-friendly investments. Working alongside Satis Tax, we ensure that any recommendations are as tax efficient as possible.

Once we have addressed the US aspects of your investments, we continue to provide a financial planning service which involves defining your financial objectives, then developing a plan which will work both in the UK and the US.

Our US clients have complete peace of mind that their reporting requirements are met, and that their investments are not only US-friendly, but also future-proofed for when they return to the US.

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