Our investment philosophy

Satis does not try to overcomplicate the investment process, so our approach is simple. Our portfolios are well-structured, diverse and comprised of investment funds suitable for our clients. The aim of each portfolio is clearly stated and matched to the goals of each client. It is very important that our clients understand why they are investing, what they are investing in and the purpose of the investment.

A key part of our investment philosophy is managing costs, when it comes to investing, fees are one of the few inputs you can control. When investing in the hope of a positive return, what you pay in fees is not what you get, it is what you do not get. Any return your investments make will be reduced by the fees you pay your advisers, your administrators and your investment managers.

We always consider the emotional side of investment and are keen to make sure you have peace of mind. The key objective is to generate returns from your investments which will meet your financial goals. However, this return must be in line with the amount of financial risk you are willing and able to take.

Once the portfolio has been established, we do not believe in making a change for change‘s sake. We recognise the importance of holding investments for the long term and not reacting to short-term trends which normally costs you money and results in reduced returns.

Therefore, the five key imperatives of our investment philosophy are:

Your primary investment decision is establishing a robust strategic asset allocation. The financial planning process incorporates a rigorous process for defining your emotional tolerance for risk as well as defining your financial need to take the risk and your capacity to absorb losses. Trade-offs are discussed, and you are empowered to make choices based on insight and understanding. Once the level of risk and return required has been established, a suitable model portfolio can be identified.

Focus on portfolio structure

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Central to structuring your portfolios is to diversify your investments by individual security, asset class functionality, geography and mathematical exposure. Common sense and a keen understanding of the characteristics of different asset classes and the underlying drivers of their return economics, enable us to create sound, well-structured portfolios.

Broadly diversify portfolios

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As well as the headline investment returns that markets deliver, you must consider the cost of investing. These costs will have an impact on your long-term wealth. These include the effects of inflation; the cost of tax; and the significant ‘all-in’ cost of investing.

There are various ways that we can manage these costs through diversification and effective portfolio management. We can also advise you on the efficient use of tax structures, allowances and other legal tax efficiencies.

Manage costs tightly

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Central to the success of your investments is recognising that everyone suffers from a range of behavioural biases that, more often than not, will have a negative impact on your returns. Our ‘buy-hold-rebalance’ approach to investing eliminates much of the emotional decision making from the process.

By managing your expectations, keeping you informed and carefully assessing your attitude to risk, we can deliver significant financial and emotional benefits.

Manage emotions

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Rebalancing is undertaken to keep the level of risk in the portfolio at a level that you can emotionally and financially tolerate and to capture the returns from the asset allocation agreed. Occasionally, this will result in a higher than normal return, but it is important to appreciate that this is not the primary objective of the rebalancing exercise.

We believe that rebalancing is an essential part of risk management and your portfolios will be rebalanced on a regular basis.

Rebalance portfolios

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The 7 Secrets of Money is co-authored by Satis Wealth Management Director, Ben Sherwood and three other like-minded financial advisory professionals.

The 7 Secrets of Money strives to open eyes. To reveal the truths about money that the financial establishment has tried to keep to itself. Here you will find a clear path to build your investments and meet your life goals.

It’s quite simple. Focus all your investment energy on the things you can control:

  • Saving
  • Spending
  • Costs
  • Taxes
  • Sound financial planning
  • Only taking risks when you know they will be rewarded

This is what will place you, the investor, firmly in control of your financial future.

For more guidance on successful investing, please visit: 7secretsofmoney.co.uk or you can purchase a copy of the book via Amazon.