With the odd exception of a day here or there, we at Satis have been working away from our office in Pall Mall for over a year now. While this has been a smoother experience than we could have imagined it has not been without its difficulties. Phone systems have not always worked, the need for wet signatures has created games of postal tag and in some cases we have colleagues yet to meet each other. On reflection the positives have outweighed these difficulties in a way we would not have believed possible 18 months earlier.

There are many people to thank for making this period a success, from our overworked IT team who have kept the business running over the last year to our colleagues who have made their kitchen tables into offices to continue to provide you the service you expect from Satis.

We would also like to thank you, our clients for adapting. In several communications we have stressed the importance of continuing to meet even if it could not be in person. This message seems to be have been received loud and clear as our diaries have remained as busy as ever. We know for some, these meetings are less satisfying while for others not having the trip to London has been a welcome relief. We hope to be able to offer you your preferred choice in the near future.

While it might be a little while before we can fully welcome clients back, from May we intend to have a larger staff presence in the office. Due to social distancing it will be In smaller numbers and on a rota. Hopefully, it will be the first step back to a more traditional working culture. Which we are all looking forward to.

In a further nod to normality we are somewhat optimistically starting to plan our client event for 2022 which we hope everyone will be able to attend in person. We feel this year is too soon for a gathering in person but would still like to stage an event to show our appreciation. Therefore we are hosting a virtual client event on September 14th. Full details will be sent out shortly.

In other news

We would like to welcome Christian O’Malley to the Satis client service team where he will be working predominantly with Ross Badger and Vallance Wilkinson. Christian has over 20 years’ experience in financial services and is a very welcome addition to Satis team who will hopefully get to meet him soon themselves.

Tax information for the tax year 20/21 is starting to be released by providers, for Hillier Hopkins clients we will pass this information to your tax manager as we have previously. For other clients we will be in contact soon to see where you would like the information sent.

As always please stay safe and hopefully next time we write we will have further good news.

Ben, Ross & Nick